SCA Cricket Academy

SCA Cricket Academy. All players, boys and girls, from Under12 to Under 16 are invited to be a part of the SCA's Cricket Academy. The first session will Read more



Top Performers

1 Jason Morrison149Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division12
2 Shaun Mathews126Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division5
3 Bradley M Thomas118Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division4
4 Richard Wyld110Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division1
5 Jarrad Armsden109Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division5
6 Matt J Button101Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division5
7 Jordan Payne100Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division14
8 Luke Cullinan98Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division13
9 George Harding94Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division4
10 Kaushik D Aphale94Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division13
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GF Workers Gol Gol def by Mildura Settlers
SF Workers Gol Gol def Mildura East
SF Mildura Settlers def Coomealla Wentworth
14 Workers Gol Gol def Merbein South
14 Irymple def Nichols Point
14 Mildura East def by Mildura West
14 Mildura Settlers def by Coomealla Wentworth
13 Irymple def by Workers Gol Gol
13 Coomealla Wentworth def Mildura East
13 Mildura West def Merbein South
13 Nichols Point def by Mildura Settlers
12 Workers Gol Gol def Mildura West
12 Irymple def by Coomealla Wentworth
12 Merbein South def by Mildura Settlers
12 Mildura East def Nichols Point