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1163 Brad Martin - Andrew Bailey Merbein South Cricket Club Telstra Country Wide SCA 4th Division6 1 Coomealla Wentworth
2205 Luke Crisera - Jesse Gosman Nichols Point Cricket Club Telstra Country Wide SCA 4th Division4 1 Mildura West
3181 Shacaya Thomas - Nick Jensen Workers Gol Gol Cricket ClubTankard Dental SCA 1st Division3 1 Merbein South
4152 Jordan Payne - Riley Anderson Irymple Cricket Club Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division1 1 Coomealla Wentworth
5117 David Martin - Bradley Hooke Workers Gol Gol Cricket ClubJamesprint SCA 3rd Division2 1 Irymple
6163 Jeremy Giddings - Sholto Douglas Coomealla Wentworth Cricket ClubJamesprint SCA 3rd Division1 1 Irymple
783 Oliver Marr - Jeremy Lia Mildura East Cricket Club SCA Under 14's Division 26 1 Mildura West Green
8157 Glen Phelan - David Byrnes Irymple Cricket Club Jamesprint SCA 3rd Division1 1 Coomealla Wentworth
9104 Tarque Williamson - Seamus Keogh Mildura Settlers Cricket Club Tankard Dental SCA 1st Division3 1 Mildura East
10133 Abby Collihole - Ryder Roberts Workers Gol Gol Cricket ClubSCA Under 14's Division 23 1 Mildura East

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